Meth Overdose and Meth Overdose Symptoms
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Meth Overdose

Meth OverdoseMethamphetamine overdose occurs when the body is presented with an overwhelming amount of the drug, A lethal dose of methamphetamine varies user to user, because each person has a different sensitivity to a specific amount of methamphetamine. A toxic level in one person may not be a toxic dose in another. A  methamphetamine overdose may also be complicated by other drugs the user may have taken or by diseases that the person may have developed either as a complication of chronic use or of other causes.
Methamphetamine overdose gives no immediate signs to users. Users can take a lethal dose of methamphetamine and not instantly realize that they have overdosed. An overdose is characterized by a rapid onset of physiological deterioration, eventually leading to a heart attack or stroke. Because of the rapid onset, death proceeds suddenly and unexpectedly.
People who have overdosed on methamphetamine may experience hyperactivity, fast breathing, and muscle pain. Other effects of an overdose on methamphetamine can include seizures, coma, and even loss of life. 

Meth Overdose and Meth Overdose Symptoms
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